Process Training

Background: How do you keep your employees up to date? Actually, do you keep your employees up to date? Many companies run internal training sessions, but how often do you expose your employees to external, professionally run training? Why not? Too expensive? Too time consuming? Can’t find anything relevant? Unsure about making an investment?

As with any investment, ROI is always critical. This is more straightforward in the technical or operational side of things. We have a pretty good idea what the impact of making certain changes will be. For instance, reduce electricity usage, and save a certain $/kWh. With training, the returns can be less tangible and therefore may be undervalued. The cost of not maintaining a skilled workforce can be very high. CPCA recognizes the potential opportunity of a better-trained workforce.

Goal: Provide both technical and executive training to the entire process community, spanning manufacturers, distributors and end users. We are partnering with well-respected organizations to provide members with training specifically aimed at the Canadian process community. We will provide recommended learning paths for sales and management working in conjunction with professional organizations and academia and ensure courses provide micro credentials that will provide competency-based credentials to participants.