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CPCA is the Canadian hub of process automation companies that provides the knowledge and networking opportunities to help the industry thrive


  • The only trade association for the instrumentation and process industry in Canada, the Canadian Process Control Association promotes the industry and its members to customers, academia and public bodies.
  • We provide a forum to exchange technical, industry and regulatory information, develop industry statistics, and encourage professional and ethical behavior and quality standards among its members.
  • CPCA Members common goals are to bring the best quality, certified products to the Canadian process market and to stay on top of leading-edge technologies.
  • We encourage professional and ethical behavior and quality standards among members; and offer ongoing training on aspects ranging from sales management and industry standards to new technologies.
  • We ensure the competitiveness of members by working with Certification Bodies and other regulatory authorities to expand capabilities of suppliers and ease restrictiveness of regulations.
  • CPCA members provide reliable products, exceptional service and knowledgeable support.

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May 23 – 25, 2024
Gatineau, QC

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