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CPCA Newsletters

CPCA Training Initiative

Recent CPCA Newsletters CPCA Training Initiative CPCA is planning to provide both technical and executive training to the entire process community, spanning manufacturers, distributors and end users. We will look at a number of different opportunities to provide members with training specifically aimed at the Canadian process community. We would like to custom tailor or collaborate with a Canadian college to create modules or micro credentials that would provide competency-based credentials to participants. We are proposing the following topics: Technical Offerings Instrumentation Process Control elements [...]

CPCA Process Market Forecast

Recent CPCA Newsletters CPCA Process Market Forecast Canadian market posed a 5-year CAGR of 3.3%. Oil and Gas spending has recovered along with the growth in the Canadian chemical industry. Five industries - F&B, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electric utilities, and oil refining - as a group, will grow above average, adding $153 M in market value over the forecast period. Read full newsletter.

COVID-19 Updates

Recent CPCA Newsletters CPCA wants to provide members with as many resources as possible to get through this crisis intact. We have assembled a number of updates from Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, funding opportunities and member surveys. Click for more COVID-19 Member Response Surveys. We have created two surveys, one which deals with protocols for mitigating the crisis: Click for survey questions. Results Survey results (April 4)  / Survey results (April 23) and one which deals with getting members back to work. This will be updated [...]