Eric Maier, B.Comm

Co-President, Everest Automation Inc., 2109 St-Regis Blvd, DDO, QC, H9B 2M9

Eric has worked in Process Automation his entire life. After graduating from John Molson School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, he started at Canada Panel Instruments, a Montreal-based Instrumentation distributor and family business. Being in a small family business, he gained his experience by working thru many different positions but spent most of time in sales related activities.

In 2000, he partnered with Marc Côté, acquired the business, merged it with Marc’s company, Optima Controls and founded Everest Automation Inc. 20+ years later, Everest Automation is established throughout Eastern Canada and serves all industries by providing products and services for process control and analytical solutions.

Eric has been a CPCA member for about 20 years. “As a long standing member I have enjoyed the many benefits from being a part of this association which we find quite valuable. Some of the key aspects include the numerous reports that we participate in and receive, networking opportunities, and our involvement with the regulatory bodies which affect the products with which we go to market. All these activities and more are the reasons we have remained a part of this organization. We consider that the CPCA provides essential insight to understanding what is happening in our industry.”