CPCA 2023 AGM, May 25-28 @ the Pillar and Post, Niagara -on-the-Lake, ON

The AGM is a “must attend” event to gather knowledge and network with colleagues who have a stake in building our industry. With the right mix of business topics and networking you will leave the AGM better informed, connected, and engaged in a host of new ideas to address challenges in the marketplace and learn how to adapt in an evolving industry.

Delegates will be staying at the Pillar & Post, a 5-star resort in a 19th century building that boasts a rich history and features all the modern comforts to make your stay first class!

Opening Keynote: Building Grit and Resilience

Why are some people, teams and organizations able to be met with challenge after challenge, but are still able to persevere while others crumble at the first misstep? It’s because these people and organizations have grit.

Gritty leaders, teams and organizations share the same traits: a desire to work hard, learn, improve, support each other and commit to the work and relationships. They have resilience in the face of adversity and of course a true respect and appreciation for what each member brings to the team. In times of adversity, like the Covid-19 pandemic and returning to work, team grit has been tested like never before.

Technical Program

Other speakers will provide updates on the economy, geo-political situation, green energy, human resource issues and EDI. Our business meeting will provide information on the Canadian process market in addition to workshops to help shape the future of CPCA programs.

Social Program

Delegates will have lots to keep them entertained and spouses are welcome as usual. Niagara-on-the-Lake is a first-class destination for winery tours, golf and so much more! The AGM is a unique opportunity to network with leaders in the Canadian process field with both manufacturer and distributor delegates.