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CPCA AGM, October 14-17, 2021: Whistler, BC

CPCA Presents: “The Future of Canada’s Pipelines” April 9 @ 11 Eastern REGISTER HERE

The presentation will provide an overview of oil and gas development in British Columbia including production trends and forecasts, development targets and resource potential. Regulatory opportunities and challenges will be discussed including Indigenous Consultation and Collaboration, LNG developments, climate actions (including methane reduction), induced seismicity and quality of life for those affected by oil and gas activities.
Finally, the presentation will provide an overview on the role of consensus standards in regulation and how CSA and other technical standards can provide rational, defensible and harmonized regulatory frameworks for the oil and gas sector.
Host: Ken Paulson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer with the BC Oil and Gas Commission.
Ken has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas sector including more than 20 years in regulatory roles for Canada and BC. Prior to Ken’s current position at the Commission, he was the Chief Engineer.

CPCA Presents: Challenges and Opportunities with the Food and Beverage Industry, May 18 @ 1 Eastern

Jason Crawford, Director, Membership & Industry Relations, Food & Beverage Ontario

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