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Date: May 23 – 26, 2019

Where:  Eastern Townships, Quebec

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This year’s AGM will be hosted at the majestic Chateau Bromont, located in a beautiful valley at the base of Mount Bromont in the Eastern Townships.

Senior process specialists will enjoy this spectacular lakeside retreat while participating in a series of activities and meetings designed to address challenges in the marketplace, learn how to adapt in an evolving industry and share best practices with their peers.

During the General Meeting, participants will learn about trends in the Canadian market, regulatory and academic liaison challenges and process-related events.

Delegates will also enjoy unwinding with peers through planned social activities and fine dining. As the CPCA’s premier meeting, the AGM is a wonderful event not to be missed. Social activities include our annual golf tournament and cycling through the scenic countryside.


Gary Gzik, CEO: Bizxcel “Screw Resiliency — Don’t just survive, rock!

With industry downturns, the accelerating pace of change and constantly evolving business practices, resiliency has become the golden child of business. No doubt a valuable quality in people, but should it be our end game? Resiliency isn’t a never-ending spring we can drink from to protect ourselves. Even the most positive people will eventually become drained, stressed and discouraged, harming both them and the organization. The best organizations look past building mere resilient cultures to ones that inspire and energize employees. Yes, we all need to be prepared to be knocked around once in a while, but employees shouldn’t be stepping into the ring each day at work. Employees will learn how they can re-focus their thinking, behaviours, and actions to help transform their cultures into spaces that allow them and others to thrive instead.

Jayson Myers: Supercluster Initiative, Be Part of this Billion Dollar Project

New technologies and platforms are rewiring the way we make things, inspiring better products and new industries. That’s advanced manufacturing.
Canada’s advanced manufacturing network is a constellation of industrial companies and start-ups, researchers and investors, government-funded labs and more. They use data to bring these assets together, promoting collaboration that unlocks new opportunities.

Chris Kincaid, Strategic Account Manager: CSA Group:
“Incorporating Product Safety Certification & Compliance within your Digital Transformation Strategy”

Digital Transformation is the future of Industry and is being embraced by major manufacturers around the world. The Industrial Revolution is
not just on the horizon, it is already here, and those that fail to evolve will be left behind. While building your Digital Transformation Strategy,
don’t forget the importance of incorporating product safety certification and compliance to minimize roadblocks and project derailment.

Claude Trottier: President CEO: Brome Lake Ducks, “What the Duck?”

Take a trip back in time 100 years and learn how a small company in 1912 on the western shore of Brome Lake grew to be a world reknowned producer of more than 2.2 million ducks per year. Today they are the oldest company specialized in the production of Peking ducks in Canada.

Diane Allan: President Measurement Canada, “Navigating the Certification Process”

Canadians participate in financial transactions involving measurement every day. Diane Allan will provide an overview of the mandate and services the agency delivers to help make sure businesses and consumers receive what they pay for.

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