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Esther Chan: Regional Supply Chain Manager – Americas, Requis Program & Supplier onboarding for Americas & Europe “Disruptive Technologies & Digitization of the Supply Chain” 
In this interactive webinar, Esther will:
  • Discuss the current state of Supply Chain in the Industrial/Consulting Space – Either the Buyer has no systems (just utilizing E-mail) or a massive ERP system that required extensive resources and training to implement and/or customize.
  •      Unlock efficiencies within the Supply Chain and spend less time on quotes and/or facilitating RFQs
  •      Improve auditability utilizing digital technology
  • Automate and integrate utilizing open source API technologies
  • Discuss disruptive cloud based technologies:
  • Discuss challenging the status quo and promote circular economies within the Supply Chain, from Operators, EPCM Consultants, Buyers and Suppliers through a disposition market place option, that can be accessed through one online portal.
  • Discuss Supplier performance management and the importance of data analytics within the space.

This is a fee based system; as an industry we want to learn:

  • Will this save companies time and money?
  • Do the benefits compensate for the fees?
  • Will your company see increased or decreased opportunities?

Tune in to get the answers…

With over 12 years in supply chain management roles in construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, and IT, Esther Chan is a champion of innovation. She has brought creative solutions to her clients to increase productivity, streamline processes, identify cost savings, all with a positive impact on the bottom line.

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