2017 CPCA Forecast Report

This year we continue the separate sections for the United States and Canada and the “Broader View” section. New to the PDF report are sub-section bookmarks for easier reference. Added this year is a chart described below showing relative market value. Finally, we have merged 3 industry segments - Metals, Mining, and Cement - into one segment called “Materials.”


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2016 CPCA Forecast Report

This year, in addition to the standard 12 product categories and 12 end user industries, we asked for a more detailed breakdown of the following: absolute gauge and pressure, temperature transmitters, temperature sensors, electronic flow, electronic level, gas analytical, liquid analytical and process valves. These are broken down by individual province level.

This includes an analysis of market potential for each province/territory. Within each region, the market potential is further segmented by 7 industry categories. Overall, the Canadian process industries are positioned for growth over the forecast period. The drop in oil & gas and mining & minerals spending resulted in a 4 percentage- point drop in the PI&A annual growth rate in 2015, and depressed the annual growth rates throughout the forecast period.

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