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    Lloyd Clarke
Post by On 09 February 2018 In CPCA Corner

As 2017 has drawn to a close, I am honoured to become the new President of CPCA and begin my 2 year term. I am also pleased to announce that Paul Bastel from Phoenix Contact was voted in as Vice President and Ryan Kershaw from Mettler Toledo was voted onto the Board of Directors at the Fall General Meeting held on Dec. 7th

    Lloyd Clarke
Post by On 28 September 2015 In CPCA Corner

Type K thermocouples, which consist of a chromel leg and an alumel leg, are widely used in industry for measuring process temperatures up to 1200°C. They are however, susceptible to preferential oxidation or “green rot” as it also more commonly known.

    Cameron Sterling
Post by On 05 December 2016 In CPCA Corner

Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs) identify unique pressure equipment designs for use in Canada. Each design concept has a unique number. One Canadian Registration Number can represent millions of individual items, each with a different serial number, that all conform to the CRN design.

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