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CPCA member statistics are submitted to an independent facilitator for consolidation. Currently that is Sirius Solutions (Trish Torrance). Trish protects the confidentiality of all numbers and information submitted by members and releases only consolidated statistics once all criteria for protecting exposure of individual numbers have been met.

This process has worked well throughout the history of the CPCA with no breaches of security for the numbers.

Industry statistics, on a geographic, product & industry basis, are excellent measurement tools to assess how your company is performing in the market place. It is essential that all companies submit their reports in a timely manor to ensure prompt distribution of completed reports. Submitting reports without all members’ information devalues the analysis, as it is not a consistent base for comparison throughout the year.

There are a number of different reports and, with the exception of the monthly orders booked report, members can pick and choose those reports of interest. Of course, only those members who submit their individual data will receive the aggregated reports.

Click here for the Market Insight Webinar which highlights programs, reports and explains pivot tables.

Monthly Orders Booked Report: This is an instant look at the month’s results by region. You receive an index quantifying year over year fluctuations by region, along with information on total domestic imports. Input for all reports is aggregated to eliminate any risk of exposure.

Industry Report: This annual report breaks down sales by region for the major end user process industries. A comparative analysis is provided indicating which which industries are trending up, and which are trailing off. You receive over 5 years of historical data.

Product Report: This annual report segments the major product categories into more granular detail, as well as breaking them down regionally. No industry data is necessary to participate.

Industry Forecast: Rasmusson & Willey prepare this 5 - year North American Market Forecast annually. The report is broken down into 13 product categories, 12 industry segments and 5 regions in both the US and Canada.

Compensation & Benefits Survey: Provides industry specific data including salaries (encompasses ranges / averages / weighted averages), and benefits such as working conditions / training & development.

Income/Expense Ratio: Benchmarks financial parameters with similar companies to determine how your gross profit, margins and other details compare to industry standards. This report is based specifically on the rep company structure and is provided quarterly.

CEO Business Conditions Report: This quarterly report provides a "gut check" on the market. It takes only minutes to complete and allows you to benchmark agains peers and competitors on issues such as turn of sales and hiring conditions.  

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