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Date: October 30, 2018                                                                                                                 REGISTER HERE

Where:  Pearson Convention Center
2638 Steeles Avenue East.
Brampton, ON L6T 4L7

Time:     9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., followed by a cocktail reception

Last year, CPCA organised an extensive information session on Industry 4.0 and its impact on the Process Industry.  Based on the positive feedback, the association is once again offering the process market an opportunity to learn about advanced process manufacturing, but with a more applied approach.  The industry has been talking about the theory for the past two years, come and see how companies now digitalise their process applications.

We have planned a one day symposium that includes two keynote speakers,  and presentations from Process Industry experts on real-life applications within the Process Industry Value Chain and a product exhibit.  Topics will include a multitude of Industry 4.0 elements such as Big Data/Analytics, Cloud Computing, Remote Access, IIoT, Cyber Security, Smart Mobility, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Open Communication to name a few.

Discuss applications in more detail during breaks, lunch and post event reception with presenters and other companies displaying their technologies at the exhibit.

Lunch is included, along with networking opportunities during lunch and at the post event reception.

In addition two keynote speakers have been lined up:

David Gibson, Principal, Gibson Kennedy & Company 

To kick off this year’s conference, David Gibson will again deliver a keynote presentation about Industry 4.0.
The increasingly extensive collection of advanced technologies and techniques offer a huge array of potentially game-changing solutions that will “transform” firms in process industries.  David’s presentation will introduce the interesting mix of Industry 4.0 tools that will be highlighted throughout the day and recommend a methodology on how to assess their applicability.

Jayson Myers, NGM Canada

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada is an industry-led network dedicated to building next generation manufacturing capabilities in Canada. Jayson Myers leads this organisation of private and public sector organisations that will position Canadian companies as global leaders in advanced manufacturing technologies, support them in the world’s most competitive advanced manufacturing supply chains, and develop the world’s most talented advanced manufacturing workforce, ensuring future prosperity for Canadians.  Learn more of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster and how your organisation can take advantage of this Government of Canada initiative.

Phoenix Contact, Application:  Tank Level Monitoring and Fulfillment

A Chemical Distribution Company offers the service to monitor customer’s tanks and automatically sends trucks to refill as per agreement.  Phoenix Contact’s cost effective solution uses an open PLC platform and cloud technology and depending on customer location, can provide direct wireless connection, wireless through cell technology or direct line connection to the Internet. All data is exchanged through a secure cloud VPN.
Cloud technology will provide weather and charting applications presenting to the dispatcher an optimised and safe route for drivers to deliver product. Billing, Key Performance Indicators are all provide to the customer through online monitoring or through a mobile app.


Canadian manufacturing has been introduced to the possibilities of Industry 4.0. Now it’s time to understand the value of implementation. Enabled by smarter products and services, digitalization can provide immense value to manufacturing operations.
What are the requirements of a smart product (cyber physical system)? How can data be turned into valuable information using cloud services? With case studies from customers and from their own manufacturing, Festo presents a path to Industry 4.0.


As the world becomes increasingly connected, digitalization, using digital technologies to transform business operations is a key differentiator that will enable companies to remain competitive. Digitalization promises lower costs, improved production
quality, flexibility and efficiency, shorter response time to customer requests and market demands, and also opens up new and innovative business opportunities.


ISASecure® (IEC 62443) is an industry standard for Cyber Security where control systems can be independently tested and certified.  Embedding Cyber Security within control systems provides an extra layer of defense in mitigating electronic attacks.  Join us for a review of ISASecure levels of certification with practical examples of protection mechanisms as well as learn how to check if your existing control system is ISASecure® certified.


MAJIK Systems provides Real-Time Predictive Maintenance and Quality recommendation by leveraging our data collection software to read telemetry data directly from PLC’s and train predictive analytics models to MONITOR, ANALYZE and OPTIMIZE your facilities operations.
Jared Evans, Product Manager of MAJiK Systems, will explain the current opportunities that exist to bring Predictive analytics to your facility today, as well as the Data and Network requirements to achieve these goals.

IBM, Change the game: winning with AI 

Summary: The rules of business are being rewritten because of abundant data and compute power. Machine learning research and incubation projects are everywhere. Hear how our clients are changing the game in industry 4.0. Where did they see opportunity? What challenge did they overcome? What winning play is giving them the edge? How did they prepare the team? How do they stay ahead? Learn about the transformative potential of AI, the importance of a multi-cloud architecture and how companies today are laddering up to AI. We will analyze the winning plays and how and why they work.

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If your organisation feels it can contribute to this topic, a few presentation slots are still available or should you with to exhibit products or services that can help the process market with their digitalisation initiatives, please contact Trish at the CPCA: or 519-833-7417

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